About Us

Captain John G. Verret, Jr. is a Houma Indian (United Houma Nation), born and raised on Bayou DuLarge, Louisiana. He and his son (John C. aka L’il John) have enjoyed bowfishing for many years and would like to share with you the beauty of the coastal waters at night. They have traveled these waters all their lives and know them well. Each trip is unique and holds something for everyone – whether it’s the thrill of an airboat ride, making your first shot, or seeing the fish in their natural habitat at night. We are sure you will  have the time of your life!

Captain John custom built his airboat especially for bowfishing. The Warpath is 20 feet long by 8 feet wide – a hull designed for stability while standing and shooting.  The sides have been extended six inches higher than traditional airboats for greater safety in rough waters. It is equipped with a 454 cubic inch high-performance engine with a two-blade Power Shift propeller. The spacious shooting deck is lined with 500-watt quartz lights for greater visibility at night. The 5-passenger seating arrangement is ideal for sight seeing while riding or fishing.

Featured on: Houma TV: “Sportsman’s Paradise”, PBS & Native American Telecommunication: “Seasoned with Spirit”, Louisiana Sportsman Magazine: “Dark Side of Dularge”


Good Catch. . . where we put the best of hunting and fishing together for  the most fun and exciting night-time, non-seasonal sport around! We want to share with you the unmatched experience of fishing this traditional way in our beautiful coastal waters at night. If you try it once, you’ll come back for more and bring a friend!

Using bows rigged with fishing reels and arrows you will have the chance to shoot Redfish, Black Drum, Flounder, Gar and many others. Using lights on our deck at night to hunt and fish is perfectly legal. (All fish and size limits apply)